English speaking removal company

Does anyone know where I can find an English speaking removal company? Im moving apartment soon and I havent been able to find anything on the internet so far.



I have used Steven. He is a professional and really does a good job. On the other hand, I thought he was a bit expensive but I didn’t have to worry about a scam to extract additional money. His quote was exact and was what I paid with no B.S. Expensive?, well maybe it was cheap in comparison to other cheap quotes that hold you up for more money before they unload.
All in all, I trust him and would use him again. JMHO

Yep: Steven the Mover. Have called on him a couple of times. Will do so again. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I used Steven a number of times and give him the :thumbsup:

Whatever you do, don’t choose the cheapest quote from some fly-by-night mover. You will pay more than their original quote.

Yup. Great experience with Steven the Mover. Must recommend. :thumbsup: