English-speaking Skin clinic / Dermatologist

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a skin clinic or a dermatologist in Taipei. Some acne problems that I’d like their opinion/advice on on a regular basis.

If you could recommend anyone, that would be great! Even if they don’t speak great English, that would be okay as long as they provide good and reliable services.

Price doesn’t really matter as much, though I’d imagine I won’t be able to afford top-range specialists on a regular basis.

Thank you very much in advance!

Ps. I don’t think the NHI would apply to things like this but I don’t have one yet.

I can recommend DR. AMY CHIA-YING PENG at Taiwan Adventist Hostpital.

She is very good (friendly, helpful), and her English is excellent (she went to Yale). You can see her information and book and appointment here: https://www.tahsda.org.tw/doctors/doctorcard_eng.php?doctorid=8373

You can make an appointment without NHI, some information on fees available here: https://www.tahsda.org.tw/en/IPCC.php#parentHorizontalTab3

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Mackay Hospitals in Taipei… there the dermatologists speak English, … just speak carefully to them, and don’t use too much colloquial English! You’ll be fine! When you register ask to see an English, because your Chinese isn’t so good yet!

The registration page is here for appointments… but you will need to register with the hospital when you show up. Telephone numbers are also there…


If you have trouble with the website, just call!

Any new suggestions on a dermatologist or clinic in central Taipei? Maybe a clinic in a hospital? NHI.

Just a skin issue need a consult.

I’m considering Taipei Medical University but don’t know their reputation for dermatology.

Dr. Tseng (I think that’s his name, not certain) at Adventist is pretty good. There’s also a female dermatologist there whom I think is surnamed Tsai.