English speaking travel agent, Taipei?

I may have to travel to the UK soon and I am looking for an English speaking travel agent–probably in Taipei. There is a Lion Travel office in Taoyuan where I am located, but I know from past exoerience they barely speak English. Perhaps Lion Travel in Taipei?

I need to have a negative covid test 72 hours before travel with the results in English. However, I have no idea where to get it.

several threads on this in this forum.

Could you direct me to them?

I worked out the covid test can be done at Landseed Hospital in Taoyuan–which is very close. I sidn’t see anything specifically about English speaking travel agents. Someone mentioned Lion Travel in Taipei. Do they speak English well? The bramch in Taoyuan hardly speaks English,

Why would you need a travel agent? Is there anything which cannot be done over the internet these days?