English Summer Camps

I’m thinking of running an English Summer Camp. I’m really interested to hear from people who have worked in the camps. How did it work, and did you think it was a good system? How much do you think teachers should get paid for these camps?

Any information would be helpful, and I’ll share the experience later.


Here or abroad (I’m assuming abroad).

Sir Donals,

TAS just completed a sixth grade camp in Tainan. lot of activities.150 kids. I can hook you up with one of the teachers who organized that. I’m sure he would love to give some advice. If your interested send me a private message with contact details to pass on.


If you plan to have it here in Taiwan, I would be very interested in knowing more about it, when they get closer to realization.
I think my kids (7 and 9 years) could benefit from spending some time, living in an English speaking environment. They understand English pretty well, because me and my wife use English between us. However, when we address the kids, we use our native languages.
I also hope a camp like this would introduce the kids to the connection between the spoken language and use of the alphabet to read and write.

That would, from my point of view, help jumpstarting their introduction into my native language.

Most important however, is that they have a lot of fun (like a real holiday), practising English in a natural way at the same time.


yo brian,

THIS GUY is looking for “consultants” to his summer camp - i don’t exactly know what he means by “consultant,” but he might be a good resource to get a sense of how the summer camps work. i’m thinking of helping him out this summer as well, though i wouldn’t actually be able to attend the camp (i’d be teaching at my present position).

Thanks for you replies.

We may run a camp here in Taiwan. Just a chance for kids ot stay soemwhere and do some fun activities, and hopefully do so in an English environment. I’m a bit unsure of some of the logisitics of such a thing, so was hoping to hear from someone who’d taught at one of these camps before.



Have a business in Taipei placing Taiwanese students in UK uni’s. We also do short and long term study for adults and kids. Kids study groups are a pain in the arse (mainly due to overbearing parents) but the returns are very large. We have partner-schools in the UK who are very interested in taking groups. If you are interested in this area please PM me and we’ll arrange a meeting in our centre.



I just want to bump this topic up to the top and add that if you are an experienced summer camp teacher or organiser I’d like to meet you and have a chat. I can may a small consultant’s fee (and maybe some more work if you want it). Send me a PM.