English teaching jobs BLOWING UP

Noticing a HUGE amount of job ads - all over the place.

I’m seeing ads from the same people that have been recruiting for weeks and now those same people/schools are buying ads on LinkedIn and FB etc…

I subbed for a school I’ve worked at before and they have been trying to add people to their bullpen as subs and the pickings are not legal, not qualified, and non native speakers. The boss went onto to say that he knew of schools that recently closed. He didn’t explain if the problem was student or teacher supply.

I recently posted an ad to a FB group looking for teaching opportunities. I had an impressive number of job offers. In less than a week I accepted a job.

What are you all seeing and hearing?


Glad to hear this. Congratulations!



supply problems, many of the young FOBs left during first waves of covid, and no new ones coming.


Time to squeeze 'em for all they got!


many left and keep leaving little by little, and once you leave with no APRC you are pretty much not getting back in for a long time. Also a lot of people don’t want to pay 30-40k to spend 14 days in quarantine. Sounds like a shit deal to me.

I’d squeeze the fuckers for every dime right now, especially the franchises which have been fucking everybody for years, it’s time to get PAID. Walked into my job demanded 1,000 per hour and they said no, told em to fuck them selves and walked out.

if they don’t call back, I literally give 0 fucks, because I’ll get a job in 24hours.


Skimming through thread titles, after passing this one, I needed a double take. What? English teachers, blowing, and jobs…



Exactly. Theoretically this should make salaries go up, but that’s dependent on employers swallowing their pride and being rational. Curious to see how that part plays out.

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I hope you used proper English to make it even more impressive.


I even received an email from a company I had sent a resume to months ago (one they never responded to until now). This was a job offer for online classes which were to begin immediately.

It felt strange having never spoken to this person before yet he wrote to me as if we had known each other for some time.

His signature line identified him as Mr. So and So

Very odd.

I explained I was not comfortable working like this without payment upfront. He/Him said that if I had an account at his bank or took line payments he could do that. I sent him my bank info and he said he couldn’t send the money to my account because of the fees involved. HFC !!! (How freaking cheap).

I sent back some smart ask reply and he calls me on the phone which I do not accept. He calls an hour later and I do take the call and I give him an earful.

Just sharing. These people are crazy


pronouns are very fashionable



Nah, this is quite normal now. Many of my colleagues have “Guardian of Equity” in their work signature.

The pronouns were not the odd thing. I mean there was no interview or anything. I only assume he got my contact info in an email I sent maybe months earlier and I don’t know what details I might have provided that he would immediately qualify me for this amazing opportunity.

I keep seeing these same schools running ads. One particular school really must be getting desperate. Previously, they ONLY accepted applications through their website but now they let you email your resume. I never used their website because of all the hoops they want you to jump through but now an emailed resume will do.

I am sure after all of this time with the pandemic plenty of people have grown tired, realized the thrill is gone, and have decided to go home or elsewhere.

As you may already know, my edu knowledge comes mostly from parenting my daughter. I never had any desire to teach until I got her to the age of 6 and now 7. Because of her I realized I was really good with kids and with all of my knowledge, experience, humor, wit, etc… I’d be able to do well as an educator - and I have. The only real problem I have is all of the whack job people running these businesses.

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covid-wise, taiwan is the best place to be (if you’re in, or your hotel stay can be subsidized)

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Well of course I know this but I also have friends who have decided to travel to see friends and family abroad. They will go and return but other folks have decided they are simply done with life in Taiwan for a time or perhaps forever.

I inquired why a school was needing to fill a position recently and they explained that the European English teacher cited his worry over the China threat as his reason for leaving Taiwan.

I really feel sorry for all of the people who had to suffer for years being churned in and out of these really terrible schools. The people who depended on the schools for their living and working in Taiwan.

Myself, I’m able to walk out and never return without worrying about money or having to leave the country. I am really fortunate. Others, quite miserable.

From all of this I hope the teachers get respect and appreciation. I hope for a lot



If wishes were horses, I’d have a ranch.


oh it was was improper proper as it gets.

Did you literally say that to them? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Congratulations English teachers! It’s nice to feel needed, isn’t it?


when you moving to taiwan?

That’s me.