English translation of passport application blank form

The application form for a Taiwan passport is printed in Chinese.
Here is an English translation of the form.

Here is the form in Chinese

Here is the TECO page that provides the two documents above.

The same forms are available on the TECO Boston website.


Here are brief instructions on how to apply for the passport, including the $45 fee and photo requirements.

You should enclose a pre-paid self-addressed envelope, but not USPS regular mail. Include color copies of your driver’s license, front and back.
Here are the requirements for the passport photos (written in Chinese) but you can use Google translate. https://www.boca.gov.tw/cp-25-4123-c2932-1.html
Here are the requirements for the passport photos in English.

Here are instructions in Chinese, but can be translated using the Google translate option.

For senders using FedEx or UPS, no handwritten shipping label (Airbill) will be accepted at the nearby stores, so please be sure to provide the shipping label printed on the website

This page above lists the fees for various types of passports.

Here is a link in English explaining who is eligible for an urgent, passport without electronic chip.

Use Google translate to read this TECO page https://www.roc-taiwan.org/ussea/post/7303.html listed earlier on this post and you will have instructions on how to apply for an ROC passport if you held one before. If you did not have one before, go to the first link on this page. ROC passport application instructions for ABT

More up-to-date English translation of passport application form.
The link in the original post is for a Chinese version which asks for asks for your marital status and the names of your parents.
Here I am posting the link to an English translation of the Chinese version that does not ask for your marital status or the names of your parents


Note that in general instructions posted on this thread are for people who are applying from the U.S. and a country other than Taiwan. ROC Nationals residing in Taiwan are given different forms. https://www.boca.gov.tw/cp-143-491-e4d47-2.html

Here are the passport instructions for new-born babies

  1. A completed passport application form (which can be found here https://www.boca.gov.tw/lp-143-2.html)
  2. A certified birth certificate (which must be authenticated by BOCA or ROC Overseas Missions).
  3. The parents’ marriage certificate or a Household Registration Certificate with the parents’ marriage registration within three months.
  4. The ROC/foreign passport of the parents.
  5. Two identical passport photos of the baby (please click for more details).
  6. A fee of US $31 or the equivalent in the local currency.
  7. Other relevant certificates that may be required by BOCA or ROC Overseas Missions.

On this list of instructions, the only document that has to be authenticated by TECO is the birth certificate of the applicant.

Here is the link for the application form for an entry and exit permit.

It is linked to from this page https://www.roc-taiwan.org/ussfo_en/cat/11.html This page also links to Declaration of Chinese Name

That page also links to the Agreement on Child’s Last Name form


For first-time ROC passports, get birth certificates and marriage certificates authenticated and also submit originals. If authentication has to be done by a TECO other than the one you are getting the passport from, do authentication first. If authentication needs to be done by the same TECO, then you can submit the documents without getting authentication done beforehand.
The USA passport of a parent does not have to be authenticated. It appears that it is acceptable to submit a notarized copy.