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Original Title: The English News Service is back

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Power TV suspended their service last year. Now it seems the government want to “help” foreigners.

They might want to help, but at NT$2200 for a shift that includes translating 2000-3000 words of Chinese to English PLUS voicing the copy, I’m not sure they’re helping that much. :sunglasses:

what time will it air and what channel in Taipei area?

Will it air islandwide too, Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong), Taitung, etc?

Who will be the on air talent? REAL news reporters or just news readers? And will they be native speakers or local Taiwanese fluent in English?

Who is putting this team together?

Sounds interesting and am looking forward to watching it. When is the opening ball game?

As far as I know, it’s being handled by TTV. They took quite awhile to answer my e-mail in response to their (many) ads.

The pay is just not attractive enough to get really good native English speakers to do it (i.e., really experienced translators who also have a reasonable voice and voiceover experience). The job involves translating (actually translating and adapting to English) news stories in Chinese, and then recording the audio. I assume that it will be dubbed over the original video, but don’t know if it will all be features or if you’d see some video of Chinese anchorpeople too.

IMHO they’d do better to contract the translation out via e-mail daily, with a short turnaround time and a reasonable pay rate, and then hire somebody to do the voiceovers completely separately. That would also give them more pool of talent for news voiceovers rather than having to get somebody who can “do it all” and who will settle for their wages and conditions – which is gonna be tough IMHO. :laughing:

Plus I heard no mention of a work visa…!

Thanks, ironlady, for the inside scoop. It looks like … from the way you describe the set up … it’s not going to last a long time. Maybe one season and then off the air. They need to hire real announcers with announcer voices who know how to read news on TV. It is not easy, it takes a certain VOICE and a certain flair about how to READ news in a slow rhythmical way. Like a Dj really. Most journalists cannot do this, and i am sure most translators don’t have this kind of training. so unless something is done, it will be like last year’s sorry POWER TV English show that had pretty women reading (and having a hard time reading correctly from the telepromoter) the news in English, so it was not fun to listen to. Subtitles would have been better.

I think this is TTV’s face thing.

I didn’t know ttv were involved in this, but they’ve been producing short English news programs for Eva Airways (i think) for a couple of years. They advertise the position frequently on this site - evidently there’s high staff turnover

I saw the show on FTV channel last night at 11 pm. Very good production. Jeffery Mindich of ICRT fame and a female news reader, I forget her name, a Taiwanese woman, were the anchors. Editing and pacing were good, stories were interesting. There’s a brief English teaching part at the end, too. BUT TOO SHORT, the entire show is just 10 minutes.

Anybody else see it?

I hope it survives the ratings game. Good luck Jeffery Mindich and the entire crew!

[quote=“formosa”]I saw the show on FTV channel last night at 11 pm. Very good production. Jeffery Mindich of ICRT fame and a female news reader, I forget her name, a Taiwanese woman, were the anchors. Editing and pacing were good, stories were interesting. There’s a brief English teaching part at the end, too. BUT TOO SHORT, the entire show is just 10 minutes.

Anybody else see it?

i saw it too. then i turned it off. The guy anchor (i guess he’s the jeffery mindich guy you mention) speaks way too slowly. what is up with that? no one i’ve seen on CNN, NBC, fox or any american news shows speaks like that. it’s kind of frustrating to listen to. other than that, the content and production was good. very professional.

I saw jefferey too. the news has english subtitle, I think they deliberately slowed their reading pace for chinese audience.


The one on TTV is very weak editorially. The episode I watched was full of human interest stories, with very few hard news stories to make it worthwhile watching.

I turned it off after 10 minutes, and don’t plan to make it a part of my news schedule.

FTV’s program was better, but geared too much towards locals (fair enough) with too much emphasis on teaching rather than informing.


Oh, so there are 2 English news shows? I didnt know. TTV and FTV.Both at 11pm?

The Mindich show i still like. he reads slowly, yes, but on purpose, so that Taiwanese viewers can follow him. This is not CNN intl. I give the show 5 stars. The female news reader is good too!

Who is anchoring the TTV show, one person, two people, who?

it sounds like this will be just like ICRT, only catering for locals, sigh… :frowning:

Here’s a good update from the usually reliable Taipei Times. Nice reporting, Gavin Phipps, but why didn’t you mention that CTS is 30 minutes long, and the FTV thing is just 15 minutes short?

And does Ian Lamont still live in Taiwan? i thought he fled the island for saner shores…

taipeitimes.com/News/feat/ar … /16/198323

English newscasts set to battle it out

Although attempts at bringing English-language television news to the masses in Taiwan have failed in the past, with some recent incentive from GIO, the previously much maligned and troubled news format has recently met with surprising success
By Gavin Phipps
Sunday, Mar 16, 2003,Page 17

I think English TV news in Taiwan will remain ambivalent for some time to come, attempting to cater to both the foreign community (informative) and the local audience (educational). Well, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. This won’t be resolved until Taiwan becomes truly international like Singapore or Hong Kong.

The article in the Taipei Times I read quoted the production company people as saying that there just isn’t a big enough market of foreigners (they said there are about 600,000 of us in Taiwan) to target. They are going after the local English-learners. As a part-time English teacher, I say great, go for it. I don’t expect to be catered to here. The fact that I don’t watch television also sways my views.

What’s the GIO network in June gonna be like? Anybody know. ?

sounds interesting… 24/7?

At the moment, i think the CTS show beats the FTV show pants down. number one, the CTS show is 30 minutes and segments are longer and intelligible. the FTV hosts are good, but the reports are so short as to be unintelligible and hardly worth airing. At just 15 minutes a show, FTV is way too damn short. It’s like publishing a 3 page newspaper when the other papers are putting out 12 page or 20 page broadsheets…

Neither is worth watching. I recommend Friends on channel 55 at 11:00.

Now the CTS TV English news show has been moved to 10:30 am daily, why?

Well, well, well, what do you know. This letter in the Taipei Times reveals a little secret on how the winner of the GIO bid was determined. The Taiwan government still has a long way to go in the area of reform. I wonder which relative of which GIO official will win the next “open” tender :unamused:

Yeh, i saw that letter yesterday too. Amazing. THen again, this is Taiwan. Shame on that CTS anchorwoman and her father. I will now watch her perform with a different set of eyes. Thanks Michelle Lee for writing a very good letter and thanks TT for publishing it.