English Windows XP?

Where can English Windows XP by found in Taipei?

just about any store can order it for you to pick up next day. otherwise try somewhere like fnac or nose around guanghua market, find it there for sure.

Buy online … download it

Good Grief! :doh:
Sometimes I’m amazed at the kinda questions asked here!
Taiwan has changed quite a lot since the days when even cheese was a novelty here, yu know?!

If you ask, where can’t you buy it?

Well, fnac is one place you can’t buy it, as well as most of the software stores I’ve come across. Geerally, it’s Chinese only. Personal experience.

However, I did manage to locate a store that has it: PC Mart on Bade Road (Guanghua area).

If you’ve got a 64bit AMD, you can download a 6month free trial of 64bit XP from microsofts site.

Most shops can arrange for you an English version, just wait for one day.
If you don’t have the patience, send me a PM. I give you a copy of my CD.

My wife just got a laptop (Acer) from Cankun (I think that’s the name of the store). We took the laptop to the Acer office and they installed Windows in English. Quick and painless. Probably any other company here (IBM, Asus, etc.) would do the same. I will say that computer support is about a million times better in Taiwan than at home.