Enjoy Park97 Red Hat Party in Shanghai

Enjoy Park97 Chinese New Year Red Hat Party

“You Can Leave Your Hat On!”

Wear as little as you like, just Leave Your Hat On!!

Date: Feb 10, Saturday
Time: 9pm-late
Venue: Lux Lounge & Bar (#2a Gao Lan Road, Fuxing Park, corner Si Nan Road)

Music: Funky House
Dress Code: Red or Gold, Red Hat

Non-members: rmb120
Enjoy Members / LKFE Card Holders: 100RMB

Drinks: 2 standard drinks
Entertainment across all venues!

Further information:

Erm… exactly what about “Formosa” don’t you understand? :laughing:

no no smellman… you don’t understand the One China policy.

Oops! You’re right. The “red hat” symbolism totally escaped me for a minute there.

Lord Lucan and Goose Egg are Shanghai bound 'mosans, stop being so damned precious or we will have to go over there and stomp on your little island! :raspberry:

I’m looking forward ot the Park97 red hat reunification party!


Just be glad it’s not a green hat


Looks like a raunchy gig, someone’s bound to be donning the green hat at the end of that one!


:blush: Is that illegal there too?