Enjoy your holiday ~!

keep safe and also have fun next four or five days. What will you all do?


If I could get out of the Taipei gray skies rainy funk mood and had planned better, I would have been at this


My wife’s nieces and nephews, mostly late teens to thirties, were planning to renew their annual trip tomb-sweeping trip to the ancestral aboriginal home in Taitung from Taichung and Kaohsiung, until my son informed them that there had been an outbreak of Covid and the Taitung government had imposed a bunch of restrictions. They decided to honour the ancestors by skipping the tomb-sweeping and just coming for the party.

I found a, presumably, unknown place. At least I had never heard of it. Sanchong Military Village – a WW2 AA Gun Base turned free museum/culture center.

Quite interesting. They do free tours of the military tunnels underneath which was quite cool.

The reataurant does Taiwanese food that is actually nice–always a rarity.


sounds interesting ! any photos? is it this place https://newtaipei.travel/en/attractions/detail/402955

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yes, that’s the place. They do tours of the bunker at various times—If I remember right it’s 11, 2, 3 and 4 on holidays and weekends.