Enquiry laws with schools/foreigners paying pension scheme

I have a small school that I run with my wife and have two foreign teachers working for us.

They both get health and Labour benefits.
Recently we were sent a letter from the Labour department asking us to pay our retirement / Pension into the government account for our employees future retirement.

I got in touch to say our staff are foreigners and they may leave next year! They replied " No you still have to pay in the money and can take it back when they leave"!

This seems like it will just give companies more work!
Do you have a law on this section as I havent read anything about setting up foreingn teachers for Taiwan retirement accounts in Our English newspapers!

I also mentioned that nobody in other schools has received letters about foreigners paying into this retirement fund!

They replied " But when we found out then they too will have to put money into retirement funds.! We already know about you so they told us that we have to start paying from now!

There should be a rule for everyone from a certain date but they couldnt tell me this!

Hope you can help me out.

Regards Andrew Carrick

You have always been required to do this, but with the new pension scheme online, the Council for Labor Affairs has been getting more aggressive about enforcement. In practice and under the law, you must fund your employees’ portable pension accounts every month if they opted for the new pension scheme.

In theory you should also be funding your employees retirement payout if they opted for the old system as well. But in practice, you can probably get away without doing it. Foreigners are not eligible for the new scheme, so they automtically stay on under the old scheme. The Bureau is reminding you of your obligation to fund the old scheme as well. You are right–it’s just more paperwork for responsible employers.