Enrollment in elementary school in Taipei


We are looking to relocate to taiwan for 1-2 years. Can I check on the procedures and how easy is it to register my 8 and 6 years old in the local Elementary schools?

What are the costs involved as well?


Should be easy: as in turn up with your passports and resident cards and sign a paper. It is also cheap - really close to free. But be aware that school is only one full day and four half days when its done at noon. Also there is mountains of homework. If you want a full day at school or in an after school then you are paying something in the region of 10,000 a month plus or minus a few thousand. There are also some alternative schools where you pay about 20,000 a month for a full day and the kids take it easier and get to play more, all in Chinese. There are also a few public schools with English programs, so those ones have more classes in English. Regular public elementary has close to no English.

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I think the info in this thread is still mostly valid.

some are listed here.


Thanks for the information.

So for public schools, it is also dependent if the school is full. Will there be any restrictions other than us showing the ARC for the kids?

What will be their fees range like?

For public school with English programs, this will be more expensive from the quotes links you have give…

it may be about 5000NTD a year, without after school programs.

Far as I know most aren’t full for elementary. Where I live all three of the local schools have places, including one with an English programme.

Actually by the time they are 8 years old it’s more like three to four days a week are a full day (800-4.30). But otherwise pretty much correct . There are many after school clubs in the big schools that can keep them occupied also as well as the anqinbans. Most of the schools can accept kids especially in the older grades , it’s just some famous schools in Taipei city are a bit more difficult to get your kids into, especially if you don’t have local household registration. I wouldn’t put the kids in a local school at that age with no Chinese, I’d choose a bilingual school at least .

I have kids in the local schools but they have one local parent and they are proficient in Chinese . A lot of the homework is simply Chinese . If they were sticking around they could work at it and catch up, if not sticking around not useful unless they have a basis in Chinese.

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I see. You can opt for no after school programs right? If it’s not compulsory

I see. Thanks. If that’s the case, it should not be too difficult to apply of we really get there as long as there are no special restrictions.

Yes, although in that case you would have to help them with their homework.

Thanks for the valuable information!

Can I ask one more for pre-school?
What is the general cost as I have a 2.5year toddler too?

Almost impossible to get into public kindergarten as a foreigner. That might depend on location, but in Taipei and New Taipei as far as I know, and in my own direct experience it is difficult or impossible to get in. Availability is less than demand, so there is a lottery that you can only join with household registration. Cheapest privates are 10,000 +. Typical cost is about 20,000

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It’s almost impossible to get in for Taiwanese as well . Very few places. Mostly occupied by teachers kids and minorities etc. Then they do the lotteries.


Noted. For private will be around NTD 10,000- 20,000 per year or month? I would think is month right?

Yea, that’s per month

Got it… thanks both. Anything I will ask again :blush:

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