Enspyre, share your experiences

For anyone planning to start a small business (and needing an office), but can’t afford the overhead (or staff) initially, there IS an alternative.

Check out: www.enspyre.com

It’s a company geared towards helping new businesses (especially small) get started! Basically you can use their office and staff to run what they call a ‘virtual office’ - and the best part is, they’re a helluva lot cheaper than some of the high-priced business centers.

And if this sounds like an endorsement, well, you’re right. It is. I used one of the other services they offer - telemarketing - to garner support for an island-wide charity event, and they successfully set-up contacts which led to NT$1.6 million in sponsorship.

Anyway, the guy running the company is a Swede (Elias Ek) - somebody who obviously has a passion for small business. Just call and have a chat … you’ll know what I mean. He loves what he does, so you’re in good hands. Here’s the contact info for anyone interested.

Elias Ek
6F-1 No. 171 Nan-jing East Road Sec. 4
Taipei, Taiwan
Phone: +886-(0)2-8712-1721

Enspyre has a banner ad here, and has been mentioned numerous times in threads about starting businesses. Rather than pick one to merge this with I’ll leave this thread open as a discussion for this particular company. It was me wot changed the title.

‘Inspire’, what is your relationship with Enspyre? Your names are very similar. I am not hostile to Enspyre, but would like any vested interests to be disclosed.

The Moderator


No particular relationship, except as I mentioned in my post - he offered some great services, and I genuinely wanted to give him a positive endorsement, as well as let people know about the services he offers. After all, forumosa is about sharing info, right?

As for the similarities in names, funny that you ask - it’s an interesting coincidence. I actually wanted to name my company “Inspire”, but of course couldn’t get the .com domain for it, and he had tried to do the same, and chose “Enspyre” which is, according to Elias, the original spelling. Merely coincidence, I think.


I’ll vouch for Elias as well. I met him at a cocktail party thrown by a reputable law firm (yes there is such a thing). He seemed like a nice guy with lots of business connections in the community. We’ve corresponded a bit and I got the impression he is bright and honest and his own business – Enspyre – sounds like it could be very helpful for the right persons.