Enter Japan from Taiwan during COVID?

I just read this on a Japanese government website. I didn’t think Japan was open to travelers departing from Taiwan but this seems to say otherwise. Does anyone have any further information about this?

This website?


Scroll down, there is much more, in particular Section 5 which wipes out Visa Exemption.

Edit - and then scroll to Section 7.

Surprised South Korea isn’t on there considering how much animosity there is between the two. Half the time these COVID banned lists are just an excuse to settle unrelated, petty diplomatic grudges.


No tourists / casual visitors are permitted to enter Japan at this time.


Out of curiosity, do you know if they are issuing work visas?

I have no idea.


You have to wear a suit , formal.wear only. :laughing:


I don’t think that’ll get you in either. :upside_down_face:


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Later on in the year we have a conference in Japan, but I cancelled our trip. There is so much bullshit, and likely a 1 month quarantine all sides totalled…not worth it. Everything is moving towards digital now. A shame, but reality. I would only go if it were a family reason personally.

Such a pain in the ass this reaction to the ccp virus is!

No idea about this year, but previously Japanese customs always wanted to see papers, bank documents, business registration and accomodation details when we went. no other country we go to has been such assholes for this…not USA, Canada, Singapore or any other commonly tight ass country.

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I thought you were Canadian o_O

Which gives me permsision to shit all over how friggen horrible canadian customs can be! I prefer the Americans in this specific scenario everytime!

Japanese were the most picky, and hardest to get around. But Canadians have always been the most egotistical and annoying that i have ever dealt with. Both airport and land crossings. Where i am from we joke that the canadian border cossing agents are just jealous and want to prove something to the american toll booth in front of them haha. The only time i never got harassed and held in secondary going through YVR was when i had a 30k box with 3 1000w grow lights, 4x 18" machetes, a few kilograms of fruit seeds, 16k cash (divided into 2) and i had just come through visiting farms. All declared. I alqays found that extremely funny. This was before canada honored freedom with legalization of a certain plant. It was all pegitimate as we were setting up an.organic farm greenhius nursery when.w arrived, but i cna.imagine.howbsuspectbit would look. I passed through customs in about 5 minutes. Every other damn time, 2 to 10 hours and was just travelling with a backpack and clothes. I have been held in lnd crossigs for up to 16 hours going from washington to bc, peace arch. Those guys are really douche bags. And i have no record, never been convicted or investigated etc.

So ya…

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You missed my point.

They’re not going to be tightass with you. You’re Canadian and have the right to enter and exit as you please. They’re not allowed to question you on your purpose of stay. You’re Canadian with the right to return for any reason you please.

My point is that they do, every time :frowning: they cant deny me entry, but they certainly can be dicks and waste peoples time.

I can only imagine what may be on your file.

Otherwise why would they do this consistently?


I have the same thing every time I enter the UK, despite being a British citizen and previously working for the government with security clearance. They are very curious where I have been, what I’ve been doing. They aren’t trying to stop me from returning, they just want to know why I’ve been away.

I wonder how they’d respond to “Banging prostitutes in Pattaya! Why else does a Brit go to Asia?!?”


This is the feeling i get too, buut they recuse to tell me despite my inquiries. Both face to face and official. My wife gets held now too. Well, not now…but the last few, pre ccp virus, visits.

dude, you’re on the persons of interest list :slight_smile: An honour you share with people like Ted Kennedy!

Don’t worry. Your name will be removed in a future software update :star_struck:

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Must be more of that white privelage I hear so much about…


It’s illegal and you don’t have to answer. It’s not their business.