Enter Taiwan on a student visitor visa without return ticket?

Hi guys!
Sorry, I know similar questions have been asked a million times before, but I couldn’t find any thread that was specific to student visitor visas. I’m going to Taiwan on a student visitor visa and plan to study there for a year but am not sure what I’m gonna do/where I’m gonna go afterwards. Buying a one-way ticket would be ideal, but could I have a problem entering the country? Should I buy a refundable onward ticket too?

Interesting question. I know that normally not having a ticket on a normal visa is not a wise decision, but I don’t know for a student visa. Personally I wouldn’t risk it, if you can just buy a 100-150USD ticket to HK. It’s not so much Taiwanese immigration, it’s more the check-in clerk at your outgoing airport won’t let you through. They can be very strict about it. I can see you saying “but I’m on a student visa” and it falling on deaf ears. They might not know or care.

But I could be wrong.

On the other threads people mentioned refundable tickets, or “ghost tickets”- can’t remember the exact name.

If you can not present a return ticket to go back out of Taiwan then you sometimes will need to sign a waiver for the airline. That says if for some reason you are not allowed to enter Taiwan, that you will pay for the costs to send you back, and not hold the airline responsible. Because otherwise if they dont let you in Taiwan then the airline should take you back to where you came from. After you sign the paper you agree that you will pay for that ticket.
If the clerk at checkin insists to see your return ticket, but you did not have it with you, then tell them you will sign the paper.