Enter Taiwan with a passport number different than the one on the APRC

Hi everyone!

I am leaving Taiwan in 2 days to go back to live in my country of origin for a yet undefined amount of time. I currently hold an Professional APCR with a passport number that is going to expire in 10 months.

It’s not in my current plans to come back in the following 10 months.

My question is.

Can I re-enter Taiwan using my APRC once I renew my passport (and therefore, the passport number on my passport and my passport number on my APRC card don’t match)?

Bonus question:

Can I use the egate? Or because of the expired passport number it automatically expires?

Cheers everybody!

I think I did the same thing with ARC.
Just along bring your expired passport if your country of origin gives it back to you (the U.S. does).
I believe you have X amount of days to go to Foreign Affairs and update the passport # on your APRC/ARC.

Good luck!


Good advice bringing the old passport. Thanks!

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