Enter Taiwan with one Passport, leave with another

I have 2 passports, my US and Taiwan passport. When I first came to Taiwan I used my US passport because of my parents paranoia of me having to do the compulsory army service deal. I want to get my Taiwan ID but it turns out I need to enter with my Taiwan passport to be able to apply for a Taiwan ID (this was according to the immigration person my aunt talked to since I am applying with my aunt’s family).

Basically, I was wondering if it would be ok to leave Taiwan with my Taiwan passport and enter Hong Kong with my US passport and then returning to Taiwan on my Taiwan passport.

Possible? Un-possible? Ridiculus?

No problem at all. Easy-peasy.

thanks maoman im holding you to this if i cant get back in taiwan i cant buy you that drink for answering my question at the next happy hour :smiley:

Your question and your subject aren’t quite the same. What you describe is entering and leaving Taiwan on one passport while using a different passport to enter and leave a separate territory. As Maoman says, that’s no problem.

To answer the question in the subject though ‘Can you enter Taiwan on one passport and exit Taiwan on a different passport?’ then the answer is a firm NO. You must leave Taiwan on the same passport you entered on. What you use on the other end of your travels is a separate matter, and for the most part it is not a problem to use one passport in one country and a different passport in another.