Entering Taiwan with ARC but without passport

If you were to somehow get on a plane to Taiwan without a passport, or lost your passport whilst on the plane, would it still be possible to enter Taiwan just by using your ARC with a second form of ID for example an NHI card, or would you be stuck forever like in the Tom Hanks film The Terminal?

If you sign up for e-gate entry you do not need a passport to enter Taiwan, you just need your ARC. If you haven’t signed up for it I’m sure immigration can work with you to figure something out.

Haven’t used passport in years to enter or exit Taiwan. I’m always worried I’ll leave it at home because it’s not necessary at the airport and I’m not usually thinking about it.

Technically true, however every ARC and APRC I’ve had is only about 30% successful in the eGate, passport works almost every time though so I just use it.

I wonder if you could pull it off if you have your ARC and something like Global Entry or NEXUS. ARC for entering/exiting Taiwan, the Global Entry/NEXUS for US/Canada.