Entering TW with ROC passport at age 37 male w/ overseas stamp to apply for ID as national with HHR

Hello all,

I am currently 37 years old (turning 38 this July), male that was born in 1981 in the US to Taiwanese parents. I am a US citizen and hold a US passport, and also have ROC passport with the overseas Chinese compatriot stamp along with a national ID # listed indicating I am a ROC national with household registration. My mother passed away some 10 years ago but my Dad’s side of the family maintains an active household registration.

I have lived in the US my entire adult life and have not completed the ROC military service.
When I renewed my ROC passport a few years ago (<36 yo. at the time) and applied for the overseas compatriot stamp, the TECO office warned me of my obligations and seriously advised against using my ROC passport to enter Taiwan until I was 37 or older. Prior to this as an adult, I have only spent short (1-2) week stints in Taiwan so I have not run afoul of the 4 month rule.

Now that I am 37 years old going on 38 (yikes!), some family matters have come up in Taiwan that necessitate things like opening bank accounts, property, etc. and I was seriously considering applying for a national ID card with proof of household registration at our family’s local household registration office.

The kicker is that in order to apply for the national ID I would also need to enter Taiwan with my ROC passport. As a 37 year old male that has not completed military service, even though I previously had obtained the overseas Chinese compatriot stamp and everything is on the up and up, it just makes me a little nervous.

I am planning to make the trip to Taiwan later this year and have checked multiple sources including some legal counsel, but just want to be absolutely sure I’m not missing anything under risk of involuntary conscription :\

Here’s the plan:

  1. Show up at TPE airport with my ROC passport and overseas compatriot stamp to enter Taiwan at age 37

  2. Once in Taiwan, take copy of hukou, ROC stamped passport, and photos to household registration office to request national ID issue

As a male borne in 1981 that is now 37, is there anything else I should be wary of or need to do to make sure this is all on the up and up so I can obtain my national ID card? I don’t believe there is, but do I need to ask for any other exemptions from military service now that I am 37 and ineligible for service? I haven’t run across anything but could use any other pointers to be absolutely sure.

Thanks in advance!

Act Of Military Service System

Article 3
A man aged 18 starts his military service day from January 1st of the proceeding year and be discharged on December 31st of the year at the age of 36, called the Male’s Service Age.

Conscription Regulations for Naturalized Aliens & Returning Overseas Chinese

Article 3
A draftee-to-be in the status of an Overseas Chinese having previously established household registration in the Republic of China shall be subject to conscription enlistment according to law upon expiry of one-year period beginning the day next to his return to the Republic of China.

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Your military duty expired on December 31 of the year that you turned 36.

Since you are already 37, you don’t have to worry about conscription.

Article 2
A naturalized male alien within the range of conscription age shall be subject to conscription enlistment according to law upon expiry of one-year period beginning the day next to his initial household registration.

Hi @tando thank you for the thoughtful response. I went through the references you listed, and my understanding is that as I am no longer within the age of conscription I am discharged from service. If I had chosen to return to Taiwan before age 36 then yes I would no longer be overseas and subject to conscription within a year, but am I correct that you are saying that as of now I should be alright to enter using my ROC passport to apply for the national ID card?


Hi @tando and @hansioux one last question just to be absolutely sure. Now that I’m outside of age of military service eligibility if I were to enter Taiwan using the ROC passport, I would need to use the same passport when exiting Taiwan to return to the US at some point.

When I do this, would I still need to first visit the National Immigration Agency office (移民署)to receive an exit permit stamp? I read this was required for service eligible overseas Chinese. Per the regulations it seems like this also no longer applies since I am outside the service age but wanted to confirm. Just trying to make sure I don’t have any unpleasant surprises.

As always, thank you so much in advance!