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Hi. I’m considering moving to Taipei to start my own business, but I’m having difficulty determining the process. And, although, my wife is already in Taiwan, it is very difficult for her to find the time I ask of her as she concentrates on her full-time job.

I have searched the internet to no avail. Does anyone here know of a first step or a contact in the government offices that could answer my questions? I’m trying to determine the process of registering a LLC, finding out about all regulations and necessary permits, as well as possible start up loans, etc…

There are several SBA programs in the States. Does Taiwan (specifically Taipei) have the same? I appreciate any and all direction.


You have stated that your wife is already in Taiwan. Am I to assume that your wife is an ROC national? Your “work rights” in Taiwan are very much affected by whether you have permanent residency here -OR- are married to an ROC national (with residency rights based on marriage.) In order to get residency rights based on marriage, you have to get a JFRV. In connection with that visa, there are certain pieces of paperwork which you will need certified from the nearest ROC Overseas Office in your home country. Please read through the related threads on this website, and contact me if you have further questions.

I will be happy to meet with you after your arrival in order to determine the various possibilities available to start up your own business. I will accompany you to the Council of Labor Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, etc. as appropriate to obtain all relevant details.



Thanks for your response. To answer your question: Yes, my wife is an ROC national, in fact, we were married Jan. 1, 2002 at Hsintien City Hall.

We are aware of obtaining the JFRV, but haven’t started yet since part of the process is time sensitive. A couple of questions, though. First, since the US recognizes my marriage in Taiwan, what proof, if any, do I need that the marriage is registered? Second, how important is it to prove we’ve lived together for an accumulative 12 months? We had dated 6 years before getting, but the first 4 years were during our college years and the last 2 were long distance as I continued working at Gateway Computer and she moved on to receive MBA from Rugters U. So, our accumulative 12 months is somewhat spotted and tough to prove.

Much appreciated is your offer to assist me on this start-up opportunity. I’m not sure how interested you are in this area considering your specialty is in human rights, but of course, I most certainly welcome your services. Could you please send me a list of your service fees? I’d be interested in having a (local) lawyer handling my issues.



In order to get your JFRV, you have to show various piece of paperwork. Two important ones are (1) a Clean Criminal Record Documentation, from your local issuing authority, which has been certified at the nearest ROC Representative Office in your home country. (This document expires three months after issuance.) (2) Registration documents proving that your marriage is registered in your home country. I get the impression that you are a US citizen. In such an eventuality, you should produce a marriage certificate from the USA. This needs to be certified in a similar manner, however there is no expiry date on this document.

There is no previous “communal living requirement” which must be documented before obtaining a JFRV.

In my interpretation, “human rights” include business rights.


Richard et al,

At a 10,000 ft. level, would you say the red tape on starting your own business is easier if applied for in my wife’s name and hiring myself as a manager rather than registering myself as the owner?

Thanks for any insight,