Entertaining overseas relative during CNY - What to do?

Original Title: Chinese New Year

Hello all,

My dad is coming to visit me for Chinese New Year and I haven’t got a clue as to what we should do. I have only been here since April 2004 and have been told that the city becomes a dead zone. I live in Taichung City and am willing to travel, within Taiwan. Please help me out. My dad is still quite young at heart so don’t be afraid to recommend something a little daring. Thanks for any help you can provide.


Rent a car and drive across the island to hualian and spend a few days hikingin Taroko.

remember to book everything now.

It will be crowded.

Mr He wrote [quote]Rent a car and drive across the island to Hualian[/quote]

My God! The chap has only been here since April. I wonder if he has any driving experience in Taiwan. If not, driving across the mountains during Chinese New Year is a rather extreme crash course in local driving conditions.

My dad did it after being here for 2 days.

What about Kenting? I was told that it is really nice there. I have been looking arond online but I haven’t been able to find any information on the area. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.

So did my dad, and in Taroko too. Now normally he is quite a cautious man, but here he was doing U-turns on the gorge roads. My mom was both impressed and terrified.

stare, you really have lousy googling skills if you can’t find anything on Kenting. :wink: The national park has a very thorough website.


How many days will your dad be here? What do you want to show him? Kenting can be pretty fun. There are beaches, hikes, hot springs, museums, and opportunities for boating and other water sports. If you drive down you could also stop at Alishan for a day or two to expore taiwan’s alpine country, and then head to Tainan for a day of temple watching. The new Lonely Planet has a half-day temple walking tour, including map and notes.

take him to Hotel California in Kenting instead, then if you are nervous about him driving across the island.

You should be able to catch a bus, but as it’s CNY, book early. Like now.

check out this website… uukt.idv.tw/ but probably it’s all in chinese…
I just came back from there few weeks ago, it was nice! You can go snorkling / diving,the the underwater world is awesome. Renting a scooter to visit it around, the view from the mountain is great! Having a very cozy , nice and cheap place near the beach is not a prob.

Since things are so chaotic during the CNY time, what do all the Forumosans do over CNY? Perhaps this should be another thread?