Entire villages for sale in Spain


Entire villages are for sale in Spain. No prices listed, though. How many of these do you think will fill with Chinese buyers?


I’ll be back (to the thread)


They already bought an airport there.


I wish I owned a village.


They already bought an airport there.[/quote]

The Chinese?


Do the villages come with people? I don’t want to buy a village without people. That would just be boring.


I loved Galicia when I went there.


They already bought an airport there.[/quote]

The Chinese?[/quote]

Yep. For 10k USD or something like that. Gonna use it as a logistics hub.


China seems to have many abandoned homes of its own.


Yes, but when you take the money out you “wash” it , make it legit and also convert it to a different currency for when the proverbial manure hits the fan. Moreover, it is part of a escape plan, eh, sorry, plan to control the world. Yes, yes, that, nothing to do with getting second passports and taking your family out of China. All hail the yellow empire and all that jazz.


yeah but those homes are in China.

Thise villages are in Spain, I know which sounds better to me.