Entrepreneur Club Meeting

Hi All!

Between 2010 and 2018, I was involved with a small organisation that ran private entrepreneur meetings in Taipei and globally. I learned a huge amount and met people I am still close with to this day.
After the local chapter closed, I restarted the organisation in Taipei and I am now running meetings every month. It is by invitation only, for entrepreneurs. We are usually between 5 and 10 people.

The requirements are that everyone present MUST have a business with actual customers, and preferably is full-time in the business. Each member has 20 minutes to either ask questions about their most difficult issues of the month or to give a general update with other members pitching in. The idea is that having people with wildly different experiences and wildly different profiles will produce frank and open conversations that will teach all of us something new. The result can be enlightening for anyone who is a business geek.
The meetings usually happen on the first Wednesday of every month, in a meeting room at Futureward Central (MRT Nanjing Fuxing).

After a recent conversation with Forumosa’s very own Gus, I have decided to write a topic here to invite you guys to potentially join the meetings. I am hoping this will expand the community with new and interesting perspectives.

If you are interested in joining, please email me at edouard at rooms dot taipei with:
-A brief intro about yourself
-A longer intro about your business. Include any online presence (website, FB fan page, IG account…). Fee free to mention your recent issues.
-A link to your LinkedIn profile

A few caveats:
-I do this in my sparse free time when I am not running www.rooms.taipei, so please do expect long delays in my answers
-To keep the meetings interesting, I am pretty selective as to who I invite or not. This is in no way a judgement on the quality of your business, but rather about whether you will be a good fit for the meetings or not
-To keep the conversation flowing, I moderate fairly aggressively. Please be understanding about this

Hope to hear from some of you!


“present MUST have a business with actual customers”

This is only for entrepreneurs who are SME, yeah?

We’ve had the visit of fairly successful guys over the years, with one regular who owns a company that has 3500 employees in a foreign country, but we tend to mostly be small business owners indeed.

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