Entrepreneurship meet Sunday 21 March 2010

Dear All,

We will have yet another entrepreneurship meet on Sunday March 21, 2010.

The meeting will be held at Yuma Southwestern Grill, which is located at Lane 216, Alley 11, #21 ZhongXiao East Road Section 4.

If in doubt about locations, you can call them at 02 87738895.

The meeting starts at noon, IE 12.00PM.

We are currently getting a speaker sorted, watch this space for updates.

I would expect the meet to last some 2 hours, and I look forward to see you all.

Hey it’s me again.

We got an issue - our speaker has asked to move the meet one week back, IE to March 28. Would that be fine with you guys?

I need to make a decision today, so if someone is not happy about it, by all means let me know.

That would work for me and I’d be able to make it to Taipei then from the boonies.

Is the identity of the speaker a secret?

Seriously though - what will be the topic of the day?

this is from my post in the entrepeneur meeting discussion thread, about the speaker:

[quote]I hope Mr He doesn’t mind me jumping in, but I found a speaker for March’s meeting. Vincent Lai, Executive Marketing Manager for computer co. MSi will come and speak about product distribution in Taiwan and anything else you would like to chat about.

Here is a link to a news report (Chinese) for those interested:

If you have any specific questions for Vincent, please PM me and I will prepare a list for him.

Vincent is a friend of ours, and is pretty easy-going, so if you are in the industry and want to chat about that later I am sure he will be happy to share his experiences and learn from you, too.

Presentation will be in English.[/quote]

Hijacking Mr He’s thread…

[quote]The original date stands. Sunday March 21st
IE this Sunday at noon in Yuma.
I hope to see you all there, or at least as many as possible.[/quote]

Currently no speaker confirmed so come ready with something to share or ask at a roundtable discussion/sharing session, just in case the alternative speaker doesn’t work out.

Please indicate here if you plan to come, to get an idea of numbers for Yuma.

Looks like I will be there in April then. 21st didn’t work for me but the 28th did.

I need to get a google account :blush:

A reminder everybody - the meet is tomorrow at noon at Yuma. I look forward to see you all there.

Had a great time yesterday. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone and looking forward to next time. :slight_smile:

Damn, I missed it. When will be the next Entrepreneurship meet?

I want to say thanks to Teddy, who came along and talked about promotion and media in Taiwan, at very short notice.

Apologies - I had March 28th mentally pencilled in.