Entry for students this summer

I’m currently an undergraduate student within the United States who has been actively trying to get a special entry permit to study in Taiwan. Only trying to attend a short-term study of one semester, fall 2020 was a no-go and my process to enter this spring was halted by the UK strand prompting an entire lockdown for the month of January. I’m now shooting to study in Taiwan for this summer and fall semester for a collective 6/7 months.

I’ve been admitted into an intensive Mandarin course partnered with National Cheng Kung University, and subsequently admitted into the fall semester for National Taiwan University. What are the odds I receive a special entry permit this May? (When I’ve been instructed to submit my visa materials)

The linked article gives me some hope as they cleared 4 more classifications of students to enter: “Huayu Enrichment Scholarship recipients, Taiwan Huayu BEST Scholarship recipients, students sponsored under a bilateral educational cooperation agreement, and students with special entry permits.”

And even add at the end of the press release that “If the pandemic situation and other circumstances permit, the Ministry will then consider also relaxing restrictions and allowing other categories of students, including Chinese language students, and students wanting to undertake an internship or post graduate research to enter Taiwan in an orderly fashion.”

Also, and this may be a topic for another thread, what are the logistics for receiving a visa sponsored by my Mandarin program, and then immediately applying for a visa extension with my NTU acceptance letter? Or should I try submitting both at the same time?

Thanks for any help! I’ve been learning Mandarin for the past three years and I believe being immersed in Taiwan would take my language skills to the next level!

Ministry of Education Allows More Categories of Overseas Students to Apply to Enter the Republic of China (Taiwan) from April 1, 2021

It’s impossible to say for sure what the government will do next, but I’d say without a government scholarship your chances are extremely low for being admitted in May. The government barred Mandarin scholarship students for over a year, they had to petition the Ministry of Education to grant them an exception (which eventually worked). They’ve only just announced this change, with the first batch of scholarship students arriving in late May/early June. I think it will be a while before they allow non-scholarship Mandarin students in and I imagine part of the reason is just quarantine capacity.

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Fulbright’s totally unqualified English Teaching “Assistants”, here on “student visas” were let in last month. I would point out to whoever’s processing your visa that you’re more qualified and actually studying, not working illegally, therefore you should be granted an exception.

But that’s just me with my ears bleeding once again from the ETAs I ran into this weekend who were telling anyone who would listen why they were better than everyone else. I missed the silence and the potential that only people who held teaching qualifications might be in the public schools for the next year or two…

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