Entry to Taiwan after Visitor Visa Expired

I am currently on a 60-day visitor visa. I intend to take a quick trip out of Taiwan when it expires, and then return to Taiwan for a month before returning home. I have an onward ticket back home. When I come back to Taiwan for the visa exempt entry, is there a chance that the immigration officials may turn me down? I suppose that if I have an onward ticket, it will be OK. i just want to be doubly sure here.

mate you can keep coming in and out for all eternity on 30 day visa free entry…they won’t blink an eye; just say you haven’t finished seeing the wonder that is sanchung on a rainy tuesday morning…

Yep no problem. Since my ARC finished, I’ve made several entries - including something similar to what you intend to do - a 30-day visa-exempt entry shortly after a 58 day stay on a 60 day visa.

A few times they’ve thumbed backwards and forwards through my passport… once I was asked if I was still working in Taiwan (no), once I was asked how long I intend to stay (2 weeks). No problem at all.

Never a problem. I always fill in the onward flight number (in the top right) on the landing form.

You’ve already stated you have an onward ticket to your home country. Make sure you have it with you on your trip and it should be dated within 30 days of arrival in Taiwan. I’ve never been asked for it by immigration, but check-in staff often check and can deny boarding if you can’t produce it.