Environmental activists around the world (other than climate-specific)

Gee, I hope she’s not being manipulated. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Looks like someone may have found a way for everyone to, um, stand up and take the environment more seriously!

Anybody seen Children of Men? Great movie:

Yeah, I already tried that one. I gave people a lovely anarcho-capitalist paradox, and they just prevaricated until the original topic was forgotten.

Good luck, eh? :cactus:

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No thanks, I already have all the anatomical features I need. :slight_smile:

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I know you love it when we speculate on your sex organs, so…


Hmm. Gives one a new appreciation of the career choice of ‘organ-grinder’, doesn’t it?


spat out some of my breakfast just then, good one!

at least one penis joke in here, too

Despite extremists, the word environment shouldnt be the near 4 letter word it has become amongst the ignorant. Its just the surrounding we live in. Taking care of our environment is literally the same as taking care of our bathroom, house, yard, community and onward. literally our environment. Its a shame so many people have taken to environmental activism as if it is only the work of green peace and the like :frowning: it should be an actual duty, more important, and engorced harder, than even taxes.

Another culture fail that is probably universally in the red. But in the end, we all know the end game we always face. Prosperous griwth followed by collapse. And so the cycle goes. Always reminds me of locust or rodent plagues. Eat, fuck, die.


Um. You live in Taiwan. Tell me how many people around you take care of their surroundings. How many paint their houses. How many maintain their roofs. How many manicure their sidewalk gardens?

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  1. Both households are 70+.