Ephedra based weight loss pills in taiwan?

hi ya’ll. like over here in the land of the “thickburger” can have some pretty HEAVY side effects. ephedra until very recently was a vital component in many weight loss pills stateside. recently ephedra was made illegal here. does taiwan still have any weight loss pills still containing ephedra?

You could always try balancing the scales between exercise (incidental and scheduled) with reasonable diet.

Sorry, of course that sounds boring. Talking about side effects;

Ephedrine (Ephedra) side effects include: insomnia, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks … have been reported death with ephedra. Ephedrine triggers a mild burst of …

i dunno. after living outside the US for well on a decade and being “regular” eating here just isn’t the same. in taiwan we’d eat at home or in the small shops. things here are different. high fructose corn syrup is a vital component in just about everything. the food companies are all owned by the cigarette companies. it doesn’t take a skeptic to realize that the same folks who made billions addicting us smokes are gonna do what they have to do win larger shares of consumers.

i am a big boy. i can weigh my own risks. big brother doesn’t always know best. the dandruff shampoo i could buy for 300 NT over the counter in taiwan (drixoral?) requires a prescription and 55 US$ for the same bottle stateside.

human bodies evolved to conserve calories. over here things are calorie rich if nothing. can human bodies adapt to calorie rich diets? prolly,but not in our lives.

yeah, people who have taken ephedra have died. but so have people who have taken carrots. ephedra has been used by people for thousands of years.

the holidays are coming: thanksgiving to christmas to new years is a fat time of the year.

so…anybody know of any ephedra based stuff in taiwan?

If that’s not the truth then I don’t know what is…I am normal small, but with all that fructose in everything i have gained pounds that have been hard to drop. But you know skeptic yank you could just go for the bottled water with everything, and make your own teas/drinks. Look into the Eat for your Type diet, based upon your blood type. I was looking in to it and it seem to be something that could be done here once you figure out all the little details. Best of luck…

I was given a copy of that book. It was making a glimmer of sense until I read elsewhere that primates share the same blood types.

It gets a touch difficult to believe the blood type thing when primates share the same blood types. When did they start milking cows and developing new blood types to cope.

See above about Diet pills.