A Forumosan who shall remain nameless has recently gone on record touting the fabulousness of Epilady. I’m intrigued! I want one. Where can I find my Epilady in Taiwan?

Watson’s. Seen them at every one.

You’re welcome. :sunglasses:

Oh ouch, why do you want to rip the hair from your legs and suffer all that pain? Had one in the past, decided it was actually an instrument of torture designed by some guy who has a grudge against women. If I still had it, I’d give it to you, but I don’t. I’d rather go get another tattoo than use an Epilady again.

Thanks 914. I got my Epilady and I RUV her! No more shaving and stubble EVER. No more trekking all the way to Tianmu, paying big bucks to get waxed. Now I can rip all the hair out of my legs, underarms, and etc. right from the convenience and privacy of my own home. Yay!

500CBFAN, I tried the old style Epilady many years ago. This was way back in the day when it was just a long scary-looking coil. But today’s version is sleek and it works much better. If your accustomed to the minor discomfort of getting waxed, then Epilady should be no prob for you.

Epilady, is my new best friend! I’m so happy that I found her.

I haven’t seen these at Watson’s but I guess I just haven’t really been looking in the right places. Which models are available here? (See epilady.com for reference)

Can I use just one for both legs, facial hair and other delicate areas? Or do I really need to get the one made just for facial hair?

Is it suitable for the back, crack and knuckles too?

Metrosexually yours.


Geez! Could you girls please, please move this discussion to the Women’s Forum… :pray:

This is why we need a Women’s Forum.

[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Is it suitable for the back, crack and knuckles too?

Metrosexually yours.


Now you know why they call him Lord Lucan…because…Lord!!!

. . . and he wasn’t missing, merey hiding under that pile of hair.


ok that picture is just terrifying… good god!..

I was firmly on the no way side of the epilady issue till a freind recently pointed out that the evil coil contraption is no more, and that after 8 years of waxing it surely wouldn;t be that bad. Got one at 3C, works great… c’ept I may sring for some waxing still … :astonished: there are some bits… I haven;t the strength!