EPL on Eleven sports


This may have been discussed before, but good news for footie fans in Taipei. EPL football is available on MOD, Channel 180 or 181. They will televise most of the big games (sadly not Crystal Palace unless we are playing one of the top 4).



Yep, I will be subscribing again, but for the online service. Ideally before 11pm tonight. Had a few glitches last season, but for ~$700 a year, it beats searching for other streams.


What’s the story with this? You mean MOD is providing exactly the same as Eleven Sports, so no point in having both?

Eleven Sports seems to be showing fewer matches than last season - at least I think so. Last season weren’t they simultaneously showing two matches at a time? Whatever they were doing, the result was that Palace got broadcast pretty often.


They used to do this a number of years ago. Along with Bundesliga. Then, they started showing the Japan/Korea leagues and then MLS.


Elevensports is terrible. When I watch football on the cellphone app it always lags.

Premier league pass was great but now it’s dead and we have to use this shit hole app that .