Epson English Support... or contact number please

I’m having the devil of a time finding an English support number for Epson here in Taiwan. None of thier manuals have even one contact number and I can’t make sense of the Taiwan website.

I need to ask for the Hard copy of the English Manual of new L-400 digital camera. It’s a pretty nifty camera with a manual viewfinder to save battery power.

Thanks :moo:

I’m sure it’s published on the web somewhere.

Are you just lazy or have you really never heard of Google. Two clicks brings you to a downloadable .pdf manual for the L400. Hit print and it becomes miraculously hard.
And if that’s beyond your abilities, the site also has dozens and dozens of contact telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses.

Clam down there. I’ve been using search engines since I’ve had a mosaic browser.

Now, I paid over 7,000 dollars for this camera. Stood on line because there were only two in the store and frankly my dear sir… I deserve that nicely bound book with the glossy black and white cover.

Those numbers you gave me are for the UK. I much prefer to talk to a local rep or at least have a local number (like I’m calling Singapore when I get palm support).

If I get the contact number, they can just send me the manual for free. Did that for my motherboard, my TV, my CD players. Why should I not get my manual for the digital camera.

How silly to pay to print a manual for a product you bought.
Sorry… I’m not that nasty… usually.

Anyway… Epson could use some english support pages and I guess I can go to the store and get the direct number but that would not help anyone would it?

[quote=“hexuan”]I’m sure it’s published on the web somewhere.[/quote]Where ? I’ve just had a quick look and I can’t find it anywhere either. This is Taiwan, why on earth would they want stuff in English ? Why would they want people to call them with problems ? They’ve already got your money.
The only phone number I can find on there is on this website:

It’s not helpful to say “Have you looked ?” when you don’t know where it is, or even if it exists. If you have dozens of phone numbers in Taiwan, maybe you could share some of them ?

Too bad I’m married. Really, thanks for the helpful contact. I already sent an E-mail request but did not hear from anyone yet. That’s a new number, I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

Ten points to you my good man, for that kind reply.

Well after much calling and transfering I finally got through to a very good English Speaking technical support rep. I nicely asked for the manual.

He even found my number after we were disconected before I was able to give any personal information.

Anyway, as result, I have a nice personal tech representative I can call for all my Epson needs and I will buy more Epson product.

A friendly voice, a resonable solution and I’m easilly pleased. I’m reluctant to give any information after Sandman called me a lazy and or stupid person.

I’m really hurt and feel reluctant to help or ask questions. I’m starting to laugh at foreigners who get caught up in the stupid legal hoops we people must jump through or who were cheated by thier bosses.

But, you know what, I was there once.

Lazy… no, frugal, cheap, tight fisted miserly… perhaps… I’m proud as an ex spendaholic…

manuals are for women

[quote=“Illah”]manuals are for women[/quote]Do you know where I can get a manual for my woman ? I sure it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, I have no idea how to control it :stuck_out_tongue:

yah its not like back in the good old days before pdf’s, where you could just give her a good old backhand, now you gotta install adobe acrobat… what a hassle

Yeah, yeah Richard, so that’s the channel selector and fine tuning taken care of, but where in the hell is the on/off switch and most important of all, the volume control? And what about a remote so’s I don’t have to trail all the way through to the kitchen every time I need to make an adjustment?

I’ve heard that before but it’s always funny. LOL

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: