Epstein Black Book All 1571 Names + Flight Manifests

All the names in a list with links to photos of his black book where they appear.


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No idea what this doxxing will accomplish, probably not much good but lots of witch hunting

Just from technical point of view: the data on the website seems to not completely match the data in the scanned pages. Probably they used OCR to automatically convert the scanned picture to text.

Example: Mr. Mike Bloomberg. Some numbers or comments don’t match.

(Edited for clarity, screenshot of differences is a bit further down this thread)

Even Mr. Heineken is on there.

Doug Bands (page 4) uses an email with a ‘imcingular.com’ domain name.

The domain name redirects to “Yoder’s Country Cooking (Purple Cover Edition)”.

Its a pretty good match for Mike Bloomberg at least., Didn’t look up Mr Bloomberg.

You could find all of them on a who’s who list.

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I don’t follow this closely, but I am very curious about the source(s) of Epstein’s wealth.

Was he indeed blackmailing the rich and powerful? Did he blackmail Les Wexner? How much of Epstein’s wealth was carved out of L Brands by Wexner?

If he depended on blackmail for his wealth, then it’s odd that he lived as long as he did. Seems to me that he could have been murdered long ago and under far less suspicious circumstances.

I wonder how much trauma he caused West Palm Beach, FL, by procuring young teenagers there. I suspect it was profound.

Agree, pretty good - But not a perfect match:

He probably had insurance against premature death, perhaps a ‘dead man switch’. Also, I bet he didn’t blackmail people that had too much power, like the Clintons.

Like… A notebook with all his contacts? :whistle:

Maybe so, but then what happened to that safeguard when he was incarcerated in the jail cell he died in?

If he had such a switch, why did his murderer(s) choose to murder him anyway?

Anyway, I am very curious to know just how he accumulated his wealth.

Doesn’t mean much without more relevant information.

I have some of the same contacts, like United Airlines. And I have contact information for people I’ve never met or know. I have CEO information and their secretary information, even though I’ve never met or visited. It’s just normal contact management.

It’s almost automatic these days with business card scanners and scanner apps to auto add to contact book.

I can’t find the “Flight Manifests”.

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This makes the most sense to me. It’s hard to believe Wexler gave Epstein his $77 million Upper East Side mansion out of the kindness of his heart.


He did a massive fraud early on which he got away with. I’ll need to look it up but it was for hundreds of millions mainly from retired people.

EDIT: Towers Financial Corporation

He was a fraud and a scammer.
Netflix has a series that goes into his beginnings.
He faked a degree and started teaching at a prestigious school. Then started working at a wall street company using those credentials. Was kicked out when they found out he was a fraud. But another wall street scammer running a ponzi scheme saw his ‘talents’ and took him in. Ponzi scammer got caught and jailed. Epstein got away scot-free and had millions of stolen money to start his own hedge fund.
He used his ways of getting trust to get rich people to invest in his fund (later valued at $50 billion).
e.g. he got trust of billionaire Les Wexner. He gained power of attorney from him! WTF!
Epstein apparently have scammed him for 100+ million USD over the years. It is unknown why Wexner did not take any legal action. During that time Epstein also sexually assaulted women posing as Victoria’s Secret talent scout, a company owned by Wexler.

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probably had enough shit on his hands to not involve law enforcement and go down the legal way.

Applying Occam’s razor. JE had dirt on Wexner.

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Blimey! He was connected