Equipment needed

We have found some little kittens in need of rescuing so we are going to get them tomorrow.
Does anyone have any cat type equipment that they can donate to us so that we can help these cute little things.
Also does anyone know of a good vet that will be able to deflea them in either the Tien mu or Taipei nanjing / fuxing area.

Thanks for your help.

How old do you think the kittens are?

About 8 weeks which is why we are going to do it now. The last kittens she had died so we don’t want this to happen again. We are also going to try to get the mother spayed.

What are you looking for exactly?


YangMing Veterinary Partners

Tianmu East Road

02 2872 6911


Jia Ching Veterinary Hospital

Nanking East Road, Sec. 3

02 2719 9191

Both have English-speaking vets and are very compassionate and competent vets.

Good on yer, and best of luck! :slight_smile:

Hi Thanks for your reply Yellow.
We are looking for a cage to keep them in the flat until they are used to being near us.
It’s also proving rather difficult to catch the kittens and I don’t want to scare them.
Can anyone recommend how to do this - or even better does anyone have a trap??