Equivalence of university diploma


I’d like to study a PhD in image processing in Taiwan.
Currently, i’m studying in a french “école d’ingénieur”, which delivers a master degree, but through without any thesis. Is there a diploma like this one in Taiwanese higher education?
In France, this is elitist and has a very good reputation, even better than a classic master degree. What about Taiwan?
It is better to say i simply have a master degree?

On a CV, I would write something like

Diplome d’Ingenieur (equivalent to a masters degree)
(name of school, year awarded)

Many sources agree on the equivalence with a masters degree. It is a bit like having a masters from Harvard or Yale–it is theoretically the same degree as a masters from Cow College, Missouri, even though the quality of that education is surely different. (My example doesn’t work so well with Oxford or Cambridge, where all undergraduates get a masters degree automatically.)