Equivalent to "Let's Talk" for Chinese?

There are all these monthly magazines with a CD, etc. for learning English. Is there any equivalent for learning Chinese? I sure haven’t seen such a thing here, but perhaps by mail order? Something for beginners?

Maybe you should just get out there and talk to people or get yourself a language exchange partner.

I’ve proposed such a publication to a publisher here on this fair island, but there was no interest. “No market,” they declared. Anyway, if such a magazine were started, no doubt it would be done by Taiwanese, not foreigners, so unless you want to read endless articles on Hello Kitty, I’d stick to the language exchanges. :wink:

Seriously, I don’t think one’s coming out anytime soon. I wrote a couple of demo articles for the pitch but I’m not sure where they are right now.

Why not publish it yourself online?

What a great idea! An online chinese class. We hook Ironlady up with a microphone, a keyboard, coffee on drip, and guanxi$ as payment. Yeah, why not.

Ok, I’ll go back to my corner now.

For beginners just use local materials that are used to teach kids here how to read. I picked up a lot from kiddie books.

As your Chinese ability advances then many times the English teaching materials are useful for learning Chinese since they have articles, dialogues and vocab lists in both English and Chinese right there together. I still try to use the learn English section from the English language newspapers to pick up small doses of new vocabulary on a regular basis.