Er hu

I was in the witch house a while ago and there was a guy playing the er hu, i thought it sounded great and so I thinking about buying one.

Does anyone know much they are? Is it a difficult instrument to play? And can you just teach yourself to play or is it best to find lessons?


I just bought one in the Raohe night market, near the Songshan train station. I paid $2600 for it, a beginner’s model. It isn’t too hard to get the basics, but to actually play it well could easily take the rest of your life… the guy who sold it to me was a very nice, though odd looking dude with a black, woman’s wig. His stall is in the center aisle, close to the temple-side entrance.

Most instruments take a long time to learn… its something you cant just pick up and play like an X-box… oh and whilst you are learning string instruments, they sound terrible… I had two sisters who learnt the violin

Also, where are you going to learn? I doubt many people back home know how to play it

How good is your chinese? I can find you a teacher, I’m sure. But I first need to be able to tell them how good your chinese is…

I’m going to learn in Taipei, however my chinese is still pretty poor. I’ve played the guitar for over ten years now so i’m not new to music though the guitar is a piece of piss to learn

do they have music books for it?

Hilarious, that dude has been rocking that wig since Christ was a cowboy…glad to know he’s still on the job…