Erectile Dysfunction

I never had an erector set like this when I was a kid. I don’t think I could figure out how to build anything cool.

Goodness! That’s a big stiff one and no mistake!


Maybe this should have gone in the shit-flinging match over in Whose-Dic(teeheehee)tionary-Is-Right Forum.

The GIRLS are getting back at the BOYS!! … 0&set_id=1

EDIT: Wow, how uncool is it to see your own name as the last post on the main page right next to

Who’s got a video clip of a locomotive chugging into a mountain tunnel?
on repeat.

maybe that would help Richardm.

I can understand why RichardM would feel imtidated by an erection like that, it’s difficult to get it up.
But look on the bright side, if he can get it up, it’s going to stay up for a long time.

Does this thread have any tie-in with the Exploding Whale one?