Ergonomic chairs and back supports

First “in Taiwan now” post here so please be gentle! :slight_smile:

My company office chairs are very uncomfortable and can’t be adjusted properly. Because of a medical condition I need to maintain good posture.

I’m thinking to either buy a back support to put in the current chair or, failing that, a new chair.

Does anyone know where you can buy ergonomic inserts for chairs? The only similar thing I could find was IKEA below but I think I’d prefer something a bit more substantial since part of the problem is the chairs depth is really deep:

For chairs, I was hoping to buy a second hand Aeron chair but the prices for new and second hand that I could find seem quite astronomical (like 30k). There are a few 7-12 year old posts that Costco has them but does anyone have any recent experience with where to buy them? (Ideally second hand!) Otherwise some suggestions for cheaper local equivalents would be welcome too :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Costco has a few different mesh office chairs, nothing that’s exactly the same as the Aeron. I have the $3000 one and am pretty happy with it. It’s not as adjustable in as many different ways as the Aeron, but it’s cool and supportive.


PChome site sells various shaped cushions for seat and back


I got one from Future Lab that I found quite comfortable and good price:

Future Lab. 未來實驗室 7D人體工學躺椅(黑)+7D 氣壓避震背墊

It also comes with an extra back support and you can use it in other chairs too.


Thanks! Forgive my naivety, but if I walk into Costco do they normally have a selection of chairs to try? If so is there an especially big one it would be better to go to in Taipei area?

Thanks, I’ll have a check on PCHome too!

Unfortunately, no, or at best a partial selection. If you look at the link above, you’ll see some are marked online only. (Which is one reason I haven’t bought an Ergoking chair yet.)

Thanks, let me see if I can find somewhere to look at it in real life!

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Right, I missed that, let me see if I can go and check the $3xxx one first. Thanks again!

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I haven’t been to every Costco in Taipei haha, but the ones I have been to usually only have one or two at any given time. And the one they have changes over time.

Also, do you know that Costco requires a membership to shop there? Just double-checking.

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I do now! Thanks very much!

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Both IKEA and Nitori have some good ones, with IKEA having the biggest variety and range of quality IMO. Although I really like this one at Nitori, although it seems a little low quality for the price:

Costos selection was pretty lacking in store, but seems like they have a few more online.