Ergonomic Computer Keyboard

I’m looking for an ergonomic split keyboard for typing and avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome, which I can feel creeping up on me within minutes of typing on regular and even these slightly curved bastards.

I went to maybe 30 stores, and nobody had one. Then one guy said that they’re illegal in Taiwan, which I believe as I haven’t seen any. I finally found a small shop in Guan Hwa I think and the guy had some that were kind of hidden, and cheap, like 500$. But then I accidentally broke it and haven’t been able to find the shop or any others.

Oh, I did see one that looked ok, not great but it was like 2 or 3k$ but that’s pretty high for a damn keyboard.

Can anyone help?

Got one brand new -too big for my work desk. Microsoft brand. PM if interested.

Yep, they are hard to find, I think what’s illegal is the patent issue. I have one made in Taiwan, Patito Brand. Always wanted one for work but …

The Taiwanese one I bought in Guanhua when the bridge was still there. The Microsoft on the street fair they had in Guanhua recently. From a stand. I’d say what you can’t find in Guanhua, go to NOVA. If not NOVA, then PC Home.

Ergonomic in Chinese is 人體工學 ren2ti3gong1xue2, in case you need to ask for this: you3 ren2ti3gong1xue2de jian4pan2. Add that to your search terms such as 鍵盤 jian4pan2, keyboard, and you can find a variety of these online: … E4%BDL&c=0
e.g.: … =mkys42937