Erm ... crooked school?


Hey there - In need of help here.
I have an ARC and teach here in Taipei.
My problem is rather simple at this stage - The owners of this school has two more school - all with different licence numbers.
My contract is with only one school but I am forced to teach at one of their other schools to. Can they do that?
I asked them and they said “It’s all the same becuase it belongs to the same people”
And they wrote a “letter” (I dont believe them on this one) to the government and the government cleared it as o.k. Can this be - or is it true? The reason I ask this is becuase it has to do with payment, which is a sensitive thing with me, surely most people.Thank you much for your time.


I hear these kinds of situations all the time. Is the school’s name by any chance HESS? Anyway, if the schools are really far away and it cost you a lot of time and money to get to the “other” school, I would talk to the boss and let them know you cannot work at the other school because you need to be in the area of the “original” school. BUT if you really want to get some teaching experience and will only work for this school less than 6 months, just take the pain and learn as much as you can in the process.
I hope this helps.

Nice Guy (yes I’m the guy who wrote "I want my money back!!!) AND Still haven’t got it back.


Before I make an comments on this topic, I would like to see a copy of the letter which Void’s employers received from the government.

You can find my mailing address in the PEOPLE section of this ORIENTED Website, under “H”.

I thank Void for his attention to this matter.