Escape to Paradise every Saturday

Tired of the same top 40 Hip Pop bullshit? Wanna hear somthing that reminds you of the good days? Do you like Dancehall, Reggea and Soca?I don’t know bout y’all but it’s tiring listenin to the same artists each weekend.

EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT expect to hear various artists from the Carribean: Buju Banton, Lady Saw, Elephant Man, Shabba just to name a few!!! . Along side some good RnB and Hip Hop but not the Taipei norm. Don’t worry bout hearin 50 Cent, Nelly, Britney Spears 20 times in a night cuz we aren’t bout bein typical Taipei. We have the mix of music to keep ya movin.

A variety of drinks will be available for more than reasonable prices.

Instead of a standard sized drink, ask for The Goblet (BIG) for basic mixes of Vodka/Redbull, Whiskey/Coke, and Vodka/OJ/Cranberry.

Ladies it’s bout time to drop and wind dat body down. Let’s see what is what and who is who!!!

It’s bout time Taipei got a taste of how we do. We gwan 'till the early morn!

Escape Nightclub is located beside the Da’An MRT station and isn’t hard to find. Fuxing S. Rd., Sect. 2, No. 13.

Cool people, Easy Vibes, Comfortable Place, HYPE Music!!! We want the people to appreciate the music and the feelin.

Telephone number?

Telephone: 02-2704-2770

As a special pre-party to this weekend’s WINTER LOVE we will be serving an all you can drink special for 700nt.