Escaped Dog meets Scooter


My buddy’s dog got outta the yard and got hit by a scooter.

A hospital visit for the driver ensued amassing a bill of 5K.

Maybe some damage to scoots as well.

Dude is asking for 70K.

Advice please?


Offer to cover cost of hospital bill (after using NHI card, not before), and if he doesn’t agree then see what he does. It might mean going to arbiration meeting to see if someone can help it be resolved.

I was in incident where guy had 20k in bills but was asking 1mil. In the end, he got nothing, and a fine for lack of proper scooter ID for above 50cc.


Pay the guy and be thankful his injuries were relatively minor. Take proper care of the dog in future.


If I read the OP correctly, Toe’s friend is the one with the dog, and the “dude” asking for 70k is the party with the damaged scooter.


Is the dog chipped? Not on record threaten to counter sue for killing his dog if there is no video evidence. He will either get super pissed and vengeful or scared and forget it.


Just ignore it. You’re not responsible for an animals actions. Tell the guy to learn to drive better.


Thanks all. The dog didn’t die, just took off on the lam for a few days.


Then maybe saucy is right. If you haven’t already said too much, just deny it and tell him to f off. But if you already came to the 70k discussion, you’re probably in too deep to deny certain things.

Edit. If the dog is chipped, it’s yours. So you kind of are responsible for the dogs actions, much like you’re responsible for underage children. They do something dumb, you pay the bill. Depend how they feel bout it. But maybe tell them dog medical costs it’s hurt blay blah. In the end they might just say screw it, both sides wrong. You might pay for scooter damage as he will have nhi and often don’t need to pay that part.

Enter :poop:y mechanics which often help write fake receipts for accidents to milk you more.


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