Esquire: The Chinese Are Our Friends … 2?refId=19

[quote]The Chinese Are Our Friends
. . . despite everything you hear from the fearmongers at the Pentagon. Don’t listen to them. The Sino-American partnership will define the twenty-first century

By THOMAS P. M. BARNETT | Nov 1, 2005
The greatest threat to America’s success in its war on terrorism sits inside the Pentagon. The proponents of Big War (that cold-war gift that keeps on giving), found overwhelmingly in the Air Force and Navy, will go to any length to demonize China in their quest to justify high-tech weaponry (space wars for the flyboys) and super- expensive platforms (submarines and ships for the admirals, and bomber jets for both) in the budget struggles triggered by our costly wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.[/quote]

Nice article.

Now you wait until Lizi… gets in here!

BTW, the Russians have developed a better way of advertising communism than posting hyper long texts.

Leniade, the Lenin lemonade!