Essential oils

There are like these little bottles of oils that people use to burn with tea lights and otherwise for aromas.

Where to buy in Taipei?

I got some at The Body Shop in Hsinchu. Not sure where in Taipei but there must be a Body Shop or two around somewhere.

If you are looking for cheap ones that smell OK, you can try the big discount store just north of the intersection of Hsin-Sheng and Roosevelt Roads, on the east side of Rooselvelt. Sorry, can’t remember the name, they have lots of stuff outside the store (mosquito swatters, bags etc), I think it’s a green storefront. On the first floor, near the back, right side of store, they have bottles of oils for $99 and $199 TWD. Maybe someone can help with the store name?

You can also find essential oils in the night markets (I saw some in Shilin night market recently), and there are a few stores in Danshui that sell oils and really nice burners, they are on the street one over from the river.

Beauty salons also sell essential oils, I know of one place that sells very good quality ones but you pay the price for them - from $1500 up.

If you can be more specific about your location and what kind of price/quality you want, I can give you more options.

Well I am usually around teh Shi-Da area, so that suggestion of the store near Roosevelt road should work. Anyone have a store name or address?

fess up time
The pipes in my building smell bad. really bad. An if I don’t keep them covered, sometimes these little bugs come out. So I pour disinfectant down the pipes to kill whatever is in there.

And I’ve got this little burner with a test tube thingy that you put the oil mixed with water into and it at least makes the bathroom smell better.

So cHEAP is totally fine.

Today even though the water flows just fine, I put down baking soda and pour vinegar on top in another attempt to kill whatever the heck is in the pipes.

On this note, is there like normal vinegar (you know the white kind) in Taipei. I was in stores, and it was all rice vinegar. Pouring the rice vinegar over the baking soda gave me flashbacks to making sushi rice.

Or you could buy them at the working house. I know that there are stores on TianShuie Rd(天水路) sell those chemical raw material and very cheap. My mom has been buying things from them and making cosmetics herself, cheaper, and faster. They also do sell essential oils.

First Chemical Co.,Ltd. It’s at No.43, TianShuie Rd.
Opens from 8am to 6pm weekedays, and 8am to 5pm Saturday.

Unfortunately they don’t have the website in english version. :s :frowning:

You can get there by taking MRT to ChungShan station(中山站), go from exit 1 or 2, see the idee` department and go opposite way, you can see the WiuanHwuan(圓環) after 15 mins walking and you can see TainShuie Rd on your left side.

Sorry if I have made you dizzy reading what I am saying, I just can’t make the direction clearer, I am so stupid. :frowning: :unamused:

I was in the Sogo’s area today on ZhongXiao E road and stopped by the Body Shop. Had really expensive body shop branded aromatherapy oils, but also had this cheaper essential oils for $150NT a little bottle.

thanks for the replies