Estonia + Taiwanese feel they have less bad things happen(2nd lowest nation of negative experiences)

Per attahced link below:

Kazakhstan, a.k.a. Relaxastan

So, where do you go when you want to get away from all that negativity? The surprising answer is: Kazakhstan. Only 12% of Kazakhs surveyed reported feeling stressed the previous day, the lowest score worldwide, shared with nearby Uzbekistan. Kazakhstan also leads the bottom-up version of the NEI; in other words, it’s the country with the lowest reported level of negative experiences worldwide. The lowest-scoring countries on the NEI were:

Kazakhstan (14)
Taiwan (16)
Kosovo (17)
Mauritius (18)
Singapore (19)
Mongolia (19)
Malaysia (19)
Lithuania (19)
South Africa (20)
Russia (20)
Latvia (20)
Kyrgyzstan (20)
Estonia (20)

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Also related I saw angry women that led me to the above link:


Probably because (straight) men keep persecuting women, like forcing rape victims to give birth.

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Damn guys, we’ve been busted. We need to come up with a new plan for persecuting women.

Anyone got any ideas? The more distasteful the better, obviously.


The report did not mention this, and if anything this is less a problem than before. Why not look at the biggest issues like women needing still do most of the household work at home while now having outside jobs.

To the patriarchy tower!