ET only: What programs (freeware/open source)

would English Teachers find extremely useful? Why?

I would vote for

It can be use for lesson plans, scoring and presentation creation…



Good day, Ken.

Program: TeachMaster

Reason: It can be used to for computer quizzes, vocabulary training, and more! (I use it to study Chinese. It works great.)


Program: yBook

Reason: It’s a paperback emulator that can load TXT files and RTF files.


Program: yRead

Reason: It can read text aloud, though it is slightly computerized. (It still sounds pretty good. Both the speed and the voice can be altered.)


Program: Open Clipart Library (It’s not a program, but ET’s can find a ton of copyright-free imagery there for classroom use. [Plug: I’ve got a few hidden in there. :slight_smile:])

Reason: See above.

Site: http://