ETA-ROC - Anyone Going?

Is anyone planning to go to the ETA-ROC conference (Nov 11-13)? [strike]The accommodation isn’t too expensive, but I wonder if anyone (nice, clean, responsible, NOT serial killer) would like to share a room at the conference center’s dorm.

Dorm details:[/strike]
Conference details:

[strike]If you don’t want to share a room (no worries, like I said: the dorm isn’t all that expensive),[/strike]does anyone want to meet up to plan which sessions to attend and then later share what we learned?

Email me at or just reply here.

There was this guy in D&R asking, where to meet white girls… :wink:

I’ll be going to the conference, though I expect to have rented a room in Taipei for the month at that point. But I’d love to meet up! I’m presenting on Sunday, and don’t expect to be up there on Friday, though that could change.

Hi! Yup, I highlighted your workshop on the schedule. :+) It’ll be great to meet you, finally!

It ends up that most of the rooms at the dorm are booked except for a six-person one, so I might just get a hotel room somewhere in Tian Mu. ha, or maybe I’ll save the couple thou and just sleep in my car. (j/k)

I’m going to change the name of this thread to “ETA-ROC - Anyone going?”…

If I manage to get a room of any significant size, you’re welcome to bunk in with me if you like. At least I’m not a serial killer. :smiley:

I’ll be sure to attend the session.

We could do what people on e-mail lists in the US often do at conferences – mark your nametag with a colored dot or other mark so that Forumosans at ETA could recognize each other as such.

I don’t do serial killing – I bore the entire audience to death at the same time, so they all go at once. More efficient that way. :smiley:

That’s actually a good idea. We should decide on a color or mark closer to the time.


  • BUMP *

The ETA - ROC Conference is this weekend!

see you all there!

I’ll be there on Sunday for Ironlady’s workshop. Unfortunately, I have other tasks to complete on the other two days.

:+( Ironlady, I’m not going to make your session. I’m heading back to the US for a long-overdue trip home. Have fun, everyone.

Can’t blame you. I’m dithering about showing up myself. :smiley: If I weren’t giving it, I probably wouldn’t go.

I would love to go, but I work weekends.

I seem to spend my entire life earning money.

ironlady: Your presentation is on CI?
I’m unfamiliar with it except constantly seeing the term show up in yours and others’ posts.
Wouldn’t mind stopping by to hear about it and say hello.

If I’m not outside of Taipei on Sunday, I’ll definitely stop by.

I’m actually demonstrating.
The original idea was that I would demonstrate how CI-based instruction is done (using the TPRS method specifically) in conjunction with Krashen’s presentation. However, I don’t think anyone told the ETA that the two were related in any way, so obviously, with my huge international name recognition :smiley: I ended up relegated to Sunday afternoon.

If it rains through Saturday and then finally clears up Sunday, I will be hard-put to attend my own session! Or maybe we can move it outdoors, me and the four people who’ll show up. :smiley:

I have 10:50 to 11:50 which means if only four people show up we can have lunch together :smiley:

Well, that sounds worthwhile, at least!
I think I’m at 2:15, if I recall. I should really check. :smiley:

[quote=“ironlady”]Well, that sounds worthwhile, at least!
I think I’m at 2:15, if I recall. I should really check. :smiley:[/quote]

I believe its 10:50-11:50

Ack! You’re right! :astonished:
Good job I’ve got the Flob to keep my affairs in order, eh? :notworthy:

Well, then that’s when we’ll see you and if there aren’t that many people (maybe there are many) we can at least have coffee or lunch. There is an OK restaurant on the grounds.