eTag calculator

Is there such a thing? for instance planning a trip and would like to understand the eTag cost before i go.

I guess i could manually work out the freeway km, and use the formula 20km free, 21~200 @NT$1.2, 201+ @ NT$0.9 but seems like a lot of work.

I’m surprised google maps is not smart enough to be able to calculate it for you… just tells you there are tolls.

I don’t know if you can understand Mandarin but FETC have a calc just like you describe at The easiest would be to click on the first icon 地圖. Select your starting point on the map and click the red button, choose end point on map and click yellow button. Then click 開始計算 at the bottom. It will work out the cost minus and discounts and daily allowance etc. HTH!

fantastic… thks