Etag or no etag

I don’t have etag. No idea where to apply. Anyway, I took the freeway a couple of time since there are no toll booth. Just curious, is it now free or what ? Am I supposed to receive the bill by mail ?

I think I would probably get it if I were you and you should be mailed a bill to the vehical’s registration address. I got my etag at my local car inspection site where you renew your registration. If you don’t know where a car inspection site is, then go to your local DMV and ask where to get it. I know some DMV’s will offer the service too. Other places that I am told that have it are car dealerships with service centers and apparently all Geant supermarkets have an FETC service counter as well. You will need to show your ARC/APRC and your vehical’s registration as well. Good luck!

You can go to 7-11 to pay your accumulated tolls.

Bring the dead thread.

Is there any price different if you have etag or not? I know you can get 10% with the auto top up.