ETF: Does anyone have any experience with these?

Does anyone have any experience investing in Exchange-traded Funds? Here’s a link:

These are like SPDRs, right?

Please recommend a local stock broker for those of us who are interested

Polaris Securities opened the first (and only?) Taiwan-based ETF. Here’s their FAQ in English:

Note: this is not a TAIEX ETF, it’s a Taiwan Top 50 ETF. Basically, these are only Taiwan’s blue chips, or those with significant trading volume. This makes sense, but you probably lose out on all those (more) interesting small stocks

Barclay’s iShares sells an MSCI Taiwan-based ETF:

Note: this is a non-US Barclay’s website. If you are American, you are supposed to use their US based website. I guess so that Uncle Sam can keep better track of you Yanks.


SPDRs are ETFs. This website might help: … arent_id=0

From the iShares website: